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Sep 26, 2022

A Princeton Professor did a study asking retirees which approach they preferred to fund their retirement.  Dr. Wade Pfau found one third liked living off the growth and income of their portfolios, another third preferred the safety of annuities, while the remaining third was split between bonds and a hybrid of all three strategies.  Where do you see your clients on these choices?

If someone comes into the office and you were to ask them…what do you want your money to do?

They might say:

  • I want my money to grow
  • I want to have access to my money
  • I want protection if the market goes down
  • I want the money to go to my family if I die

When I tell them, you’ve just described an annuity…they might be shocked. Because everything they’ve heard about annuities is negative. Don’t focus on the name of the tool, focus on what the tool does FOR YOU AND YOUR MONEY! 

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