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May 8, 2020

We all just want to go back to "normal," right? Seems what we are living today is our "new normal." So what can we do to better position ourselves for when the economy goes up and (hopefully) soon fully recovers? Steve explains why his tools and strategies can help you make sure you are in the right position today and tomorrow, no matter what the market is doing. Plus, have you ever heard of the "Rule of 100?" Hear why this strategy can help you manage your risk tolerance. Plus, if you would have known the financial crisis of this health crisis was coming, what would you have done differently? 

Steve and his team are back in the office ready for meetings - using social distancing of course and using proper sanitation and cleaning processes. Steve is also available via phone and ZOOM meetings. Call today, start the conversation. You can't help what comes in the future, but you CAN help what happens to you AND your MONEY in the future. 

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