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Jan 14, 2022

Congress needs to raise the debt-ceiling from time-to-time so the government can pay its bills.  We keep hearing about the downside of not raising the limit:  like interest rates going up and the market getting spooked.  Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen even tells CNBC it could also delay Social Security payments. So we’ve heard this song before, and we’re likely to hear it again.  Is this something clients need to pay attention to?  Hear how Steve is guiding his clients and how he can help you.

Then, how often do you check your smartphone?  A survey by the tech care company Asurion found Americans look at theirs 96 times a day.  That’s about once every 10 minutes while you’re awake!  That number is up 20% from a similar poll two years ago.  Jittery investors tend to check their financial standing a lot. Think about it, how often do you check on your income plan?