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Oct 10, 2022

Question:  Do you think you pay too much in taxes … or too little?  That’s a trick question because we all pay too much!  But IRA expert Ed Slott tells The Motley Fool that’s our own fault! Bottom line, "the more you plan, the more you keep.” Steve explains how he helps clients minimize taxes in retirement and how a tax free retirement IS POSSIBLE!

Then, the so-called “five-second rule” is apparently alive and well.  A new survey (by OnePoll) shows more than 40% of Americans will eat things off the floor if they can pick it up immediately.  And they do it an average of four times a month.  In the world of retirement, we have something called the 4% rule (by withdrawing 4% of your financial assets each year, you could adequately fund your retirement.)  Are you a believer in this approach?  If not, what do you base withdrawal rates on, especially when the number one concern of retirees is running out of money? 

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