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Dec 5, 2022

We’ve talked a lot about how the bond market is also having a horrible year.  That’s why many investors are seeking ideal bond replacements.  Sheryl Moore of believes you might consider an annuity. Hear Steve share his opinion and more.

The newest iPhone has a pretty cool feature called...

Nov 21, 2022

The one thing we all wish we had more of is TIME. You know the saying, "There's not enough hours in the day!" I get it, we're all busy. BUT, if you don't take the time to PLAN for your retirement - who will?

Not all recessions are created equal.  But economist Lawrence White tells CBS News that the one thing they all...

Nov 7, 2022

Q&A with YOU! 

Listener question from Tessa: Is this a good time to get out of the Market? And what are the benefits of doing Roth Conversion? Hear Steve's response and most importantly how he can help you protect your money from a volatile market!  

Oct 24, 2022

Americans are trying to stretch their dollars amid high inflation, but they might be overlooking money they already have – gift cards!  A new survey (by found the average person has $175 in unused gift cards. (Check your wallets!) And if you don’t remember to cash them in, you’re leaving money on...

Oct 10, 2022

Question:  Do you think you pay too much in taxes … or too little?  That’s a trick question because we all pay too much!  But IRA expert Ed Slott tells The Motley Fool that’s our own fault! Bottom line, "the more you plan, the more you keep.” Steve explains how he helps clients minimize taxes in retirement and...